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National Anthem midi file: http://ncb.intnet.mu/pmo/images/anthem.mid

Questions answered in this FAQ:
1) Where is Mauritius?
2) What is the system of government?
3) What are the main political parties?
4) What are the main newspapers?
5) What are the main TV channels?
6) What are the main internet links?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small tropical island off the east coast of Madagascar.
There are presently 1.1 million inhabitants.  The main religions are Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.  The official language is English, though French, Creole, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Mandarin and Arabic are also spoken.  The population is composed of Indians, Creole, European and Chinese. Originally uninhabited, it was colonized by the Dutch, French and English before becoming Independent on the 12th of March, 1968, and a Republic on the 12th of March, 1992.
It was the only home of the famous (extinct) bird, the dodo, and, in 1847, was the first commonwealth country after Britain  to issue postage stamps which are today world-famous.

2) What is the system of government?

Including the islands of Rodrigues, St Brandon, Agaléga, Chagos Archipelago (in dispute) and Tromelin (in dispute), the Republic of Mauritius has a President, elected by the National Assembly, as Head of State, and a Prime Minister as Head of Government.  The Parliament follows the Westminster model.   Mauritius is part of the Commonwealth,  la Francophonie, the Organisation of African Unity and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Office of the President :
Prime Minister's Office : http://ncb.intnet.mu/pmo.htm
Government of Mauritius : http://ncb.intnet.mu/ncb/govint.htm

3) What are the main political parties ?  

In the National Assembly :

(a) Government : Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM)
Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) http://mmm.intnet.mu
Les Verts
Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate (PMSD)
(b) Opposition : Mauritius Labour Party/Parti Travailliste (PTr) http://labour.intnet.mu
Parti  Mauricien Xavier Duval (PMXD)
Mouvement Socialiste Militant Mauricien
Organisation du Peuple Rodriguais (OPR)
Mouvement Rodriguais (MR)
Extra-Parliamentary : Mouvement Républicain (MR)
Rassemblement Pour la Réforme (RPR)
Mouvement Démocratique Nationale (MDN Raj Dayal)
Parti du Peuple Mauricien (PPM)
Nouvo Lizour
Tamil Council

4) What are the main newspapers ? 

Dailies :

              L'Express http://www.lexpress-net.com
              Le Mauricien http://www.lemauricien.com/mauricien
              Le Socialiste
              Le Républicain
              Le Quotidien

Weeklies :

              Business Magazine
              Le Militant
              Mauritius Times
              Le Défi Plus
              Week-End Scope (TV) http://www.lemauricien.com/wes/
              L'Echo du Vendredi
              Lavoix Kreol
              The Eye
Sunday :

              Week-End http://www.lemauricien.com/weekend
              5-Plus http://www.5plusltd.com/
              Le Dimanche
              Star http://www.mauriweb.com/star/
              Impact News
              News on Sunday
              Sunday Vani

Overseas :

              Mauritius News  http://mauritius-news.co.uk

5) What are the main TV channels ?

Local :
(1) Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Channels 1, 2 and 3 http://mbc.intnet.mu
(2) Télé Réunion R. F. O. (Réunion Island)

Pay Channels :
(1) MC Vision
(2) London Satellite
(3) Canal Satellite Maurice (Réunion)
(4) Parabole Maurice (Réunion)
(5) DSTV


6) What are the main internet links?

(a) Telephone/Cellular/ISP
(i) Telecom Plus http://www.intnet.mu
(ii) Servihoo:
(1) http://www.servihoo.com
(2) http://servihooservices.intnet.mu/servihoo.htm
(iii) Cellplus http://www.gocellplus.com/
(iv) Mauritius Telecom http://mt.intnet.mu
(v) Mauritius Telecom Directory http://www.mtinfopages.com/

(b) Fora
(i) Ile-Maurice.com http://www.ile-maurice.com
(ii) A nou cause causé http://www.netbabbler.com/goto/?forumid=6249
(iii) Bienvenue à l'île Maurice
(iv) Rish http://www.voy.com/590/
(v) Rentals (car, bungalow, etc.) http://network54.com/Forum/40165
(vi) VisionEar http://www.theydoit.com/board/login.html
(vii) Servihoo http://www.servihoo.com/all_forum//display_forum.asp

(c) Web pages
(i) Email directory http://www.ile-maurice.com/email
(ii) Email directory of Mauritians in the US http://bacon.herts.ac.uk/~catf1ba/E-REGIONS/usa.html
(iii) UK Mauritian Students' Society http://www.dcs.qmw.ac.uk/~jeffng/ukmss.html
(iv) Dodo Gazette http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/6467/
(v) LSE SU Mauritian Society http://www.lse.ac.uk/clubs/mtiansoc/
(vi) University of Warwick Mauritian Society
(vii) Bienvenue chez Dom http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/2313/
(vii) Mauritius Australia Connection http://www.users.bigpond.com/clancy/mauritius.htm
(viii) University of Cambridge Mauritian Society
(ix) Association France-Maurice-Rodrigues http://www.eucis.com/fmr/default.htm
(x) Prêt pour décoller http://www.multimania.com/khistos/
(xi) Maurice 2000 http://www.multimania.com/maurice2000
(xii) Bienvenue à l'île Maurice http://perso.wanadoo.fr/decibon/
(xiii) Mauritius.com Web Hosting http://www.mauritius.com
(xiv) Mauritian.co.uk http://www.mauritian.co.uk
(xv) Isle Mauritius http://www.isle-mauritius.com/
(xvi) PILS (Prévention Information et Lutte contre le SIDA) http://www.themauritiusyellowpage.com/pils/index.htm
(xvii) Stella Clavisque Network http://members.tripod.com/stella-clavisque/
(xviii) Ile Maurice http://www.mauritius-island.com/
(xix) Mauritius Island http://pages.intnet.mu/ngopal/
(xx) L'île Maurice - Carnet de voyage http://barrere.claude.free.fr/maurice/

(d) Mailing lists
(i)  Public Relations Office of the Sugar Industry - Mauritius (PROSI)
(ii) Education Reforms in Mauritius http://www.egroups.com/list/education-mauritius
(iii) Mauritians http://www.egroups.com/list/mauritians
(iv) Mauritius Philatelic Society http://MuPS.listbot.com
(v) Ile-Maurice http://www.onelist.com/community/Ile-Maurice
(vi) Island of Mauritius http://islandofmauritius.listbot.com

(e) Stock Exchange of Mauritius http://www.semdex.com

(f) Business & Tourism
(i) Air Mauritius http://www.airmauritius.com
(ii) Information http://www.mauritius-info.com/
(iii) Yellow Pages http://www.mauritiusyellowpages.com
(iv) Public Relations Office of the Sugar Industry - Mauritius http://prosi.net

(h) Cyclone information

(i) Internet Radio and TV
(i) NetRadio One http://www.lexpress-net.com/radionet/index.htm
(ii) Hello News TV http://www.hellonewstv.com

(j) National Computer Board http://ncb.intnet.mu

(k) Religious and Cultural Links
(i) Islam in Mauritius http://www.islam-mauritius.org

(l) IRC and other chat channels
(i) DALnet
(1) #mauritius
(2) #moris http://start.at/moris
(3) #Alt_mauritius
(4) #maurice http://Maurice.TSX.ORG
(5) #moris
(6) #mru
(7) #morice
(8) #morisplus
(ii) EFnet
(1) #mauritius
(iii) CHATnet
(1) #mauritius
(iv) Servihoo http://chat.servihoo.com/

(m) E-commerce
(i) V-Street Virtual Mauritius http://www.v-street.com/
(ii) eCADO http://www.ecado.com/
(iii) Mauritius Center http://www.Mauritiuscenter.com
(iv) My Electronic Dodo http://www.myeldo.com/

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